• Yearbooks will be distributed May 15! April 1, 2015

  • Junior ACT will be April 28 April 1, 2015

  • NHS Applications due Friday, April 3 to Room 225! April 1, 2015

Columbia Public Schools is owed over $94,000 in lunch charges

Last November, The P&G covered a story on the new lunch policy dictating that students who owed more than $8 on their lunch account would be only given three sandwich charges per semester.... Read more »

Assistant Principal Jerome Sally played in the NFL

Assistant Principal Jerome Sally played in the NFL

Emily Pressley , Junior Reporter

March 20, 2015

Jerome Sally started ninth grade with an envelope that would permanently change who he was and who he would become. He ripped open the seal and read the letter inside that invited him to football tryouts at his high school. He glanced up from the letter, looking for someone to gloat to, but seeing no... READ MORE »

  • RT : HHS Marching Band 2015 "Tempted: Will you give in?" Or perhaps " Tempted: A Twist on a Tale". This years gonna be tempting!! 🍎,
  • A 1st Amendment song while The P&G was in Colorado!! ,
  • RT : I won a 2016 Gateway! Watch trailer & retweet if like it. One retweeter will win book! ,
  • RT : 2015-16 Marching Band meeting tonight at 7pm in the HHS auditorium. See you there!,
  • The P&G and The Cresset staffs in Denver, CO. for JEA! ,
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  • RT : Boys track at Capital City: Congrats to Nathan Haile, Jesse McInvale, Chris Edwards, & Thomas Chick for placing 3rd in the 4x800 in 8:27.6,
  • RT : Girls track at Kirkwood: Congrats to Jerica Mahaney, Anna Lauriello, Taylar Hamm, & MacLaine Thelen for placing 5th in the 4x800 in 10:33.,
  • RT : Hickman Lacrosse Club dissolves as Quidditch and Anime Trivia are recognized as sports by CPS,
  • Don't forget to vote for Big Four today during lunch!,


CASA launches their 2715 Mission

CASA launches their 2715 Mission

Natalia Kome, Feature Reporter

Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association, otherwise known as CASA, just finished their Mission 2715: Cosmic Amalgamation, which, in English, can be translated to “coming...  Read More »

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Students explain Young Life’s social and religious aspects

Students explain Young Life’s social and religious aspects

Madeleine Sullivan , Contributing Writer

Hickman has clubs that appease students interested in just about everything, from the business world to goats. There are an abundant amount of clubs at Hickman, and all of...  Read More »

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True/False Film Club exposes students to unfamiliar films

February 12, 2015

Two students make Goat Club and its many members official

December 15, 2014


A Common Ground

Sarah Everett , Editor-in-Chief

I just read Albert Camus’ absurdist theory in The Stranger in AP Lit and watched several documentaries at True/False, and now I’m in a deep, (somewhat dark) philosophical...  Read More »

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What teachers don’t tell you about the ACT

Samm Leal, Feature Reporter

Last month, at the crack of dawn on a Saturday, I found myself at Hickman. Why, you ask? It was because I was taking the practice ACT. Standardized testing is nothing new...  Read More »

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Sure, it’s nice that your superintendent tweeted at you

Sure, it’s nice that your superintendent tweeted at you

Sarah Everett and Abby Wade

With a new superintendent this year, there comes a new management style and a new outlook on inclement weather days. This year, Superintendent Peter Stiepleman has an infamous...  Read More »

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Feb column

Pen > Sword > Silence

February 12, 2015

Cartoon depicting the importance of freedom of speech in education.

Student journalist debates the nuances of the First Amendment in a public school setting

February 12, 2015